Featured Design Books

“Luminous Interiors” by Brian McCarthy

“A Living Space” by Kit Kemp

“Fifth Avenue Style” by Howard Slatkin

“The Meaning of Home” by Jeffrey Alan Marks

“California Homes” by William Hefner

“Love Where You Live: At Home in the Country” by Joan Osofsky and Abby Adams

“Make It Fabulous” by William T. Georgis

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My (Still) Favorite Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is about to come into full bloom. Between May and August, there will be a slew of “I Do’s.”  And if you are invited to any of theseContinue reading »


Outdoor Collection from John Lyle

With spring in full swing (well, minus the misstep mother nature had this week with those cold temps!), I am checking out fun and fresh outdoor furniture that I canContinue reading »


Thomas Jefferson – A Visionary Ahead of His Time

This past Sunday celebrated Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. A man with so many accomplishments, I wouldn’t have enough room in this article to list all of them. He was an AmericanContinue reading »

windowbox - thequincetree65.blogspot.com

Wild for Window Boxes

  Spring has sprung and that beast of a winter has hopefully gone away for a few months. Now that tulips are popping up and cherry trees are peppered withContinue reading »

Peridot Whisper Vase by Waterford (wwrd.com)

Vying for Vases!

There’s nothing better than having fresh flowers displayed in your home. Every time I go to the grocery store, I’ll buy something that’s in season, just to give me aContinue reading »

Dozier Home

Upcoming Interior Events Spotlight

Nashville has a lot going on these days! The city is buzzing with activity left and right. Today I am going to highlight three AMAZING upcoming attractions that are worthContinue reading »

sally hoch (pinterest)

Inherited Style

It’s a running joke when I’m asked what my interior style is. I always respond, “Inherited”. Combine a little Victorian, French, Old English and Williamsburg styles together, add a dashContinue reading »

conservatory:greenhouse - via Beatriz Martinez (Pinterest)

Greenhouse Glory

A few weeks ago, I read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about the modern day greenhouse and conservatory. I, for one, have always thought of greenhouses asContinue reading »

Richards Front View

For the Love of Wallpaper

Unless you are a visionary, it’s hard to understand the impact wallpaper can have in a room until you see it hung on a wall.  Be it edgy geometrics, exquisiteContinue reading »


Enhancing Your Front Entry

To me, there’s nothing that makes more of an impact to a home’s curb appeal than its front entry. This important feature of your home is where a first impressionContinue reading »

Michael Devine2

Book Review: An Invitation to the Garden

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to entertain. I’d rather host an intimate dinner party over a meal at a fancy restaurant any night of the week. The familiarContinue reading »


The Relatable Canvas

This week my 3-year-old daughter decided to use the back of my sofa as her canvas for coloring.  After posting this picture, my friends on Facebook and Instagram gave aContinue reading »

DL Rhein-2

A Tale of Three Rooms: Before and After

I have to admit, “Before and After” stories are always my favorite. Well today is your lucky day, because I am featuring 3 rooms and their gorgeous overhauls–all from oneContinue reading »


The Story Behind Spy Prints

I was first introduced to Spy prints when I met my husband. A series of nine framed unique drawings hung on his wall, each depicting a different golfer (famous atContinue reading »


DIM “Did it Myself”: Vanity Facelift Update and the Domino Effect…

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about wanting to give my little girls’ bathroom a bit of a facelift. Originally, I had wanted to simply address the vanity.Continue reading »

antique-scrimshaw-poker-chips1-687x459 (Trudy Dujardin)

Nantucket Style

I loved featuring the exterior beauty and charm of Nantucket on Monday. (Click here to revisit that post) But, I wanted to know more about Nantucket’s interior style and decorContinue reading »


Nantucket Getaway

There is something about Nantucket that embodies that classic, clean, charming appeal we all want to have within our own homes. The architecture, the colors, the manicured landscapes. Somehow thisContinue reading »


The Artistic Life: Louise Rushford

Since I was already “across the pond” this week, featuring the Dormy House Hotel, I thought I’d stick around the UK a bit longer and inspire you with a littleContinue reading »

Dormy House Hotel - cheslea textiles facebook page

England’s Dormy House Hotel

I am a huge fan of Chelsea Textiles. Their furniture and fabrics have such a timeless appeal and always seem to blend seamlessly into any room. Recently, I read aboutContinue reading »


DIM “Did it Myself”: Kitchen Facelift

When Virginia-based photographer, Courtney, emailed me about her latest kitchen facelift, I immediately asked if I could feature it on the blog. I love a good “before and after” story,Continue reading »

Classic Kitchen Towels - Savage Interior Design - Taigan.com

Jonathan Savage’s Luxurious Linens

  It seems natural that because of their creative spirit, interior designers will often expand their businesses into other creative venues. Collaborations with fabric companies, inspired new paint colors, aContinue reading »


Equestrian Decor

It is very timely that the Chinese New Year named 2014, “The Year of the Horse,” as I have been planning to do a feature on equestrian interior decor forContinue reading »

modern-pillows - houzz.com

Chevron vs Herringbone…Do You Know the Difference?

You are probably not staying up at night, pondering the difference between Chevron and Herringbone. In fact, you may not even know there is a difference between these two words.Continue reading »


Two Book Reviews — Two Very Different Styles

Last year produced an avalanche of amazing interior drool-worthy books.  It was hard to keep up with the pace of writing reviews vs. new books hitting the market! Today IContinue reading »


Recessed Lighting…Overrated?

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend about her new house that she and her husband were building. Even though it was new construction, she wanted her homeContinue reading »


San Antonio’s Newest Hotspot: The Tiny Finch

There’s a new store in San Antonio that is quickly making a name for itself. The brainchild of Courtney Beauchamp, this space fuses all of the elements you’d want inContinue reading »


Question: What Exactly is Pecky Cypress Wood Anyway?

I love hearing from Interior Canvas readers, and today’s post is addressing a question one reader sent to me! “Dear Interior Canvas, I keep reading about pecky cypress wood –Continue reading »


The Artistic Life: Angie Simeone-Rzasnicki

  I am delighted today to be featuring Nashville artist, Angie Simeone-Rzasnicki. Angela’s creativity never ceases to amaze. Last year her uncanny ability working with paper was showcased on theContinue reading »

sconces - mrshowardpersonalshopper.com

DIM “Doing it Myself”: Vanity Facelift

It’s a new year and I have been staring at a very old bathroom for quite some time. My family of 5 is quickly outgrowing our little Tudor, and IContinue reading »

The-Ahwahnee-in-winter - vinetimesonline.com

Ahwahnee Hotel

This week has been a doozy. Freezing, no ARCTIC, weather has been blasting us here in the South-and well, Southerners don’t quite know how to handle themselves when it’s 5Continue reading »


2014: New Year, New Ideas, New Beginnings

Happy New Year! It was so nice to take a few weeks off to recharge for the year ahead.  So what’s new in 2014 for Interior Design and Interior Canvas?Continue reading »


Christmas in Savannah – The Updated Traditional

As you enter into the home stretch before Christmas, we know all you really want to do is drop everything and go take a nap! But instead of napping, whyContinue reading »


Peter Fasano and Elizabeth Hamilton: The Fabric Designing Duo

Peter Fasano and Elizabeth Hamilton are quite the dream team when it comes to designing fabric. Veterans of the textile industry, this dynamic duo continues to set the bar incrediblyContinue reading »


Michael Berman: Bronze Studio

Los Angeles has begun to spoil Interior Canvas gal, Cameron, with its incredible amount of fabulous design studios, textile showrooms, interior stores and galleries galore. So little time, so muchContinue reading »


There’s a New Magazine in Town: MILIEU

Courtesy of Milieu There’s a new magazine in town that is hitting the interior design world by storm. Brainchild of uber-talented Houston designer, Pamela Pierce, Milieu brings a breath of freshContinue reading »


Book Review: Luminous Interiors

Interior Canvas had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing acclaimed national and international designer, Brian J. McCarthy, earlier this year at the Nashville Antiques and Garden Show. This week, asContinue reading »


The Artistic Life: Way Way Allen

Today we are featuring talented Charleston artist, Way Way Allen. Way Way and I met years ago, pre-husbands and babies, working together temporarily at an upscale boutique in Charlotte. WhoContinue reading »


The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Our post today needs little introduction. Charlotte’s own Lisa Mende, with Lisa Mende Design, is giving us the ultimate guide for understanding and selecting kitchen cabinet hardware. Whether you’re designingContinue reading »


Give Thanks, Give Back and Pay it Forward

A friend of ours was standing in line at Starbucks for her morning coffee a few weeks ago. Scrolling through her phone, reading emails, making lists of things she hadContinue reading »


The Kitchen Nook

The Kitchen Nook has always been a fixture in our childhood memories. This spot was where all the action took place: family meetings, birthday celebrations, exam studying and more…it seemedContinue reading »


Put Your Gratitude on Display: Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Day is drawing near and Interior Canvas has much to be thankful for. But today, we are thankful for Carmen Johnston, owner of Nectar and Company. Not only isContinue reading »


Fall Splendor

Here in Nashville, the fall leaves have been absolutely spectacular. From golden yellows to brilliant oranges, deep plums and ruby reds—these temporary gems are unlike any other color inspiration outContinue reading »

HS -1

Book Review: Fifth Avenue Style

  One would think the hardest type of interior book to create would be the one that solely reflected your personal space: your tastes, your nuances, ONLY your decisions, yourContinue reading »

15_WTG Headshots 03-05-09_High Res

The Story Behind the Picture: William T. Georgis

We all know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  But sometimes, the picture is more interesting when you know those thousand words that describe it. This bringsContinue reading »

niermann weeks arm chair

The Occasional Chair

The Occasional Chair. It might not be grand or scream for attention, but its very presence can make a mighty statement within a room. Known for coming to the rescueContinue reading »

vt artist in her room

The Artistic Life: Vadis Turner

  Vadis Turner  is on the move. Currently featuring two separate solo exhibitions in two different New York galleries, preparing for an upcoming feature in November and chasing around herContinue reading »


Zinc Door and GIVEAWAY!

  We are wild about a new home furnishings site: ZINC DOOR!!!  The sister company to traditional and classically styled Layla Grayce, Zinc Door features a more modern and edgy lookContinue reading »


Farmhouse Style

  Head a few miles outside of  downtown Nashville, and you will come across a treasure trove of farmland. Picket fences, horses grazing and those great red barns combine withContinue reading »


Let’s Hear it for the Boys

  “Planes, trains, trucks and toys. There’s nothing quite like little boys.” -(Anonymous) Whether they’re splashing in mud puddles or digging for worms, these little balls of energy have aContinue reading »


The Galley Kitchen

  Oh, the Galley Kitchen! One of us at Interior Canvas lived with a Galley Kitchen for 10 years! Even though the space was tight with babies and pets alwaysContinue reading »


2013 Birmingham Antiques and Garden Show – Recap

Last weekend, the city of Birmingham hosted its annual Antiques and Garden Show. Known for its wealth of vendors displaying their gorgeous antiques and garden delights, the show took aContinue reading »


Pillow Talk

  Trim it, tassel it, pipe it or simply cover it–the pillow today is as much a part of the interior design world as it has ever been. Without havingContinue reading »


Book Review: Love Where You Live (At Home in the Country)

A well-designed space can take on many forms and meanings. Here at Interior Canvas, a source for your interior design information,  it can be easy for us to get sweptContinue reading »

dog image

Fido Friendly Interiors

“Man’s best friend.” A title that dogs have held onto since the beginning of time. These tail-wagging, barking, ever-licking creatures are essentially a 4-legged hairy ball of love. To showContinue reading »

Casey Dunn2

Born to Color

COLOR. A word that instantly brings an image to anyone’s mind when spoken. However muted or bright, subtle or widespread it may be, everyone utilizes color in their homes. However,Continue reading »



Nomi Fabrics Inc. is a name that’s synonymous with luxury and beauty. We introduced Nomi to you in a recent post, featuring Houston designer, Brooke McGuyer and her 5 favorite fabricContinue reading »

Catherine Walters

The Enduring Child’s Room

Congratulations! You’ve just arrived home with your new bundle of joy. The nursery is complete with changing station, crib, glider and more. You are so proud of yourself for creatingContinue reading »

architectural digest

How to Properly Hang Window Treatments

Properly hanging window treatments just might be one of the easiest and most clever ways to add extra height, dimension and light to a room. The key word here beingContinue reading »


Ex Voto Vintage and GIVEAWAY!!!!

  Today we’re delighted to be spotlighting one of our sponsors for Interior Canvas: Ex Voto Vintage!!!  This beautiful jewelry collection, that was begun in 2011 by founder, Elizabeth Adams,Continue reading »


Hotel Hopping with Kit Kemp

Monday, we “hopped across the pond” to feature talented hotelier and interior designer, Kit Kemp. Since we’ve already ventured that far, we might as well stay there today and giveContinue reading »

Kit Kemp

The Incredible Kit Kemp!

  As a designer, it can be difficult to walk that fine line between showcasing your client’s taste and simultaneously creating a look that is original, distinct and memorable. YouContinue reading »


Wild for Wall Coverings!

  There’s something about a wall covering that adds that extra element of color, energy and texture to a room. From smooth, suede walls in a study to a ginghamContinue reading »

decor pad-mosaic

Mosaic Tile: Timeless not Trendy

When Ashley Holt of Ashley’s Interiors approached us about writing an article on the beautiful mosaic tile patterns she saw during a recent trip to Italy, we didn’t hesitate forContinue reading »


A Passion for Neutrals

Designing with neutrals doesn’t mean designing without color. It’s actually quite the opposite. The word “neutral” can encompass a wide variety of tones and hues–all complimenting, accenting and harmonizing theContinue reading »


East Coast, Here We Come!

Interior Canvas has some exciting news to share….we’re heading to the East Coast (southeast coast, that is)! From chic country homes, to traditional Georgians, metropolitan high-rises and everything in between–theseContinue reading »

3 turbans withlogo

FLASH SALE FRIDAY! (Irving and Fine)

You may remember our post last week featuring “5 Favorite Fabric Lines.”  Lisa Fine Textiles was on that distinguished list and after seeing a collection of those uniquely patterned prints,Continue reading »

Kit Kemp (Chelsea Textiles) - pinterest

Pattern Play

Solids and stripes, chevrons and florals, checks and polka dots. Mixing and matching patterns can allow for plenty of possibilities, but to some, plenty of headaches as well!  Fear not,Continue reading »


Buying Art: 5 Tips from an Art Consultant

Sourcing, selecting and buying art can be an overwhelming process. It’s not necessarily identifying what pieces appeal to one’s taste, but rather, WHERE to look, WHICH artists to seek out,Continue reading »


Durable Design

Practical, durable, kid-friendly and….beautiful? Is this possible? We think so, and Julie Couch of Julie Couch Interiors does too. Today, Julie shares her top ideas for creating fabulous design inContinue reading »



  COLOR. One of our favorite 5-letter words! When color is correctly used in a well-designed room, the effect is electric, unifying and dynamic.  Unfortunately, color can be used incorrectlyContinue reading »


My 5 Favorite Fabric Lines!

If you want to stop an interior designer in their tracks, ask them what their favorite fabric lines are. Although the textile industry competition is getting fiercer and fiercer, mostContinue reading »


A Conversation with JEFFREY ALAN MARKS

Long before the popular Bravo TV show, “Million Dollar Decorators,” made California-based, Jeffrey Alan Marks, a household name, he was already an accomplished, well-established figure within the interior design world.  With hisContinue reading »


Room at the Beach

When we think of summer, laid-back, beachy vibes–one place sums it up better than the rest: Malibu, California.  While perusing through Malibu the other day, Interior Canvas’ Cameron Weaver cameContinue reading »


A Conversation with DAVID KLEINBERG

 When we think of New York based interior designer, David Kleinberg, we think of luxury, attention to detail and jaw-dropping gorgeous interiors.  Acclaimed both nationally and internationally, David’s work has been featured in almost everyContinue reading »


Blueprint Store and GIVEAWAY!

Imagine walking into a store, yet it feels more like walking into a home…one amazing home. A calm and serene setting awaits and welcomes you to keep coming in. Room after room appropriately displaysContinue reading »

1-picture 2 full kitchen

Trends for Modern Kitchens

Remember the Jetsons cartoon show?  Robotic housekeepers and flying saucer mobiles were a dime a dozen in their world.  But the best part of the show was when they would get ready toContinue reading »


Book Review: California Homes

There’s a new book in town that has caught our eye. Los Angeles based Studio William Hefner, an established and accomplished architecture, interior design and landscape firm, has featured nine diverse projects in theirContinue reading »


Designing a Tone on Tone Kitchen

If done correctly, a well designed space should accurately reflect its owner and their personality. A perky bathroom with vibrant color, probably has an owner with a bright personality and a bit of aContinue reading »

1-Riley porch1

Bringing the Indoors Out (A List of Essentials for the Perfect Porch)

  Porches and outdoor spaces today are a hot commodity.  Everyone wants to have an outside extension of their home for enjoyment and entertainment. But once you have that space,Continue reading »


Sweet to Sophisticated – (Styling a Teenage Girl’s Room)

  For those of you with little girls, you know there will come a day when the pink bows, bloomers, ruffled socks and smocked dresses will be refused by yourContinue reading »


The Modern Laundry

 AHHH…the Laundry.  The chore that never seems to get finished. It would be an interesting fact to know how much time was spent doing laundry in a lifetime. (Well, that might be depressing.) Yet,Continue reading »



*My sister-in-law recently returned from a trip to Europe.  With an interior design background and love for art history, her recaps of the trip focused around architectural details, museums and other interiorContinue reading »



 This week has been a flurry of PR activity as blogs, newspapers and local TV channels alike have all been promoting the opening of the 2013 Southern Living Idea House. In fact, you’d have to be hiding underContinue reading »


The Doorways of Rosemary

(As told by Interior Canvas’ Anna-Kristin Yarbrough) Last week, my family and I made the 7 hour trek down I-65 from Nashville, TN to Rosemary Beach, Florida. Rosemary has always beenContinue reading »

1-picture 1

Snooping Around Some Bedrooms and Bathrooms

  Everyone remembers the movie “Father of the Bride,” where Steve Martin (the dad) excuses himself to use the bathroom during lunch at the groom’s parents’ Beverly Hills mansion. (“The secondContinue reading »


LA Story: Part 2

If you are just now joining our LA Series, we suggest you read our last post  to get caught up to speed on what’s been going on with Interior Canvas! Continue reading »


The Cure for the Common Ceiling

When you walk into a room, your eyes naturally look up upon first inspection. It’s not that you’ve been told to look there, but rather it’s an instinctual notion forContinue reading »

Hollywood at Home

LA Story: Part 1

What do the Kardashians, Leonardo Dicaprio, Mary McDonald and Interior Canvas’ Cameron Weaver all have in common?  L.A. BABY! Yep, earlier this year, Cameron and her family left  the rolling hills of Nashville forContinue reading »


Knowing When to Reuse, Reinvent or Remove

Most of us have had that moment when our parents ship, mail or load up our car with ”treasures” that they’ve saved or collected for years. The torch is being passed and whatContinue reading »


Scale and Proportion

POP QUIZ: What are the definitions of and differences between Scale and Proportion. Not sure? Think you know but, then again, maybe not?  Don’t worry, a lot of people out there have troubleContinue reading »


2013 Southern Living Idea House…Sneak Peek!

The Fontanel has been the backdrop to a flurry of activity as the final touches are being made at the 2013 Southern Living Idea House. We’ve been on-site snapping aContinue reading »


McAlpine Home (a furniture collection)

 Veranda March 2012 Bobby McAlpine has made a permanent mark in the footprint of architecture and interior design. He has an unmistakable aesthetic that is unique, simplistic and show-stopping, all at the same time.  BornContinue reading »

1-1-Throw Pillows-Pinterest

Getting a High-End Look Without a High-End Pricetag

A gorgeous, glossy interior design magazine arrives in the mail. You casually flip through the pages of beautifully decorated homes and then stare off into space, dreaming what life would be like to have yourContinue reading »


Green Little ‘Happies’

No matter what time of year or how old or young you may be, never underestimate the power and significance of a handmade gift. And when it comes to kids, just thinkContinue reading »


The Study

These days, it seems more and more people are working from home. With the power of technology and the internet, your office doesn’t have to be in a 20 storyContinue reading »


Our Favorite…Bathroom Accessories

We loved Monday’s post on bathroom tile and wondered what we could do to give our own personal bathrooms a little “lift.”  This Elle Decor image we found was a good starting pointContinue reading »

1-Walker Zanger Xilo White Photo by Julie Soefer  (2)

Selecting the Perfect Tile

Selecting the perfect tile for a bathroom is a little bit like selecting the perfect shoe for an outfit. There is an art to accenting an outfit without overpowering it. AndContinue reading »


A Conversation with BRIAN J. MCCARTHY

This winter, at the 2013 Nashville Antiques and Garden Show, we had the pleasure of chatting with world-renowned designer Brian J. McCarthy. An alum of the legendary Parish-Hadley Associates, Brian isContinue reading »

1-Micheals booth Photo 8

Tips and Tricks for Flea Market Finds

We are always in awe of people who can spot treasures (or at least potential treasures) and transform them from boring to brilliant.  In our book, the ladies of Le Cart have quite theContinue reading »

st. jude3

Meet Mae! St. Jude’s Ambassador to Southern Living’s 2013 Idea House

Mae poses in front of the Idea House. Photo Courtesy: Sarah Lee As you all know by now, we are so excited about the upcoming 2013 Southern Living Idea House at the Fontanel andContinue reading »