One would think the hardest type of interior book to create would be the one that solely reflected your personal space: your tastes, your nuances, ONLY your decisions, your preferences and what made you tick. No one would be held accountable for the work except you. (That’s a lot of pressure!) But that is EXACTLY what Howard Slatkin has done in his new 240 page book, Fifth Avenue Style.  After reading through this visually mesmerizing masterpiece, one word came to our minds immediately: DETAIL. We should have known this would be a resonating theme with Howard, simply from the beautiful packaging and attached handwritten note from Howard, himself, (yes, our southern moms nodded in approval) that arrived at our doorsteps a few weeks ago.

As we turned the pages, details abounded. Intricate patterns on the floors, hand painted paper-covered ceilings, cabinet pulls made from old ivory, a gilt-bronze doorknob engraved with Howard’s monogram and a gorgeous Russian desk  filled with multiple sets of stationery – (each individually tied with a ribbon) -are just a few of the thousands of details Howard meticulously placed within his home.  In addition to the visual details, Howard added so many written details about the stories behind the rooms, including descriptions about his variety of pieces (from the grandest to the most minute), the talented artisans who helped bring his vision to reality, and the passion he truly had for elevating this Fifth Avenue apartment to its full glory.  Here are a few pictures from his stunning apartment. Enjoy!

Thank you, Howard, for delighting our visual tastebuds! Not only do you design with detail – you live by it!


If you want an added treat, CLICK HERE for a video interview that the delightful Susanna Salk had with Howard in his home. (via the ever-favorite Quintessence blog). It really brings the beautiful pictures from the book to life, and makes you appreciate how amazing Howard’s apartment truly is. Enjoy!

To purchase Fifth Avenue Style, click here to order or find at your local bookstore.

 (All images (minus our personal note picture) via Fifth Avenue Style. Photographed by Tria Giovan)

Added thanks to Meghan Phillips – Vendome Press (