Head a few miles outside of  downtown Nashville, and you will come across a treasure trove of farmland. Picket fences, horses grazing and those great red barns combine with sprawling pastures to create quite a picturesque scene. But what’s a farm without a farmhouse?  Wide front porches, beautiful windows and a welcoming style help define these architectural gems.   Not all of us will be able to own our own farmhouse, but if you love their look and style, that shouldn’t stop you from incorporating those features into your own home! Nashville designer, Julie Davis of Julie Davis Interiors, is here with us today to share her tips on creating that charming farmhouse style.

BACKGROUND:  Julie Davis has been in the design business for many years in Nashville.  She has helped create beautiful homes in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Nevada. Her work has been featured in Nashville Interiors, Fabulous Kitchens and in several rooms in various Designer Show Houses.  Julie’s goal is to give each of her client’s home a unique and beautiful design through style, color, and texture.  She will help you attain your own personal style and the look you desire for your truly custom home.


Many people are loving the farmhouse charm right now. It’s easy to see why!  Here are a few tips to help you get the look within your own home:
1. Nothing helps create the farmhouse charm like horizontal wood planks on the walls! They help add to the architectural detail of the room.
2. White paint is always a fool-proof way to give the feel of an old farmhouse interior.
3. Wide plank hardwood floors are another great detail.  The more distressed they are the better. Old heart pine floors, for example, are a great choice for farmhouses.  But in general, old wide planks of any wood are better than narrow and new for a farmhouse look.
4. Lots of windows are essential to look out onto the farm.  Do not use heavy drapes to cover them up! The least amount of window coverage you can get away with is best.
5. Stay true in all your selections to the farmhouse look….keep all plumbing , lighting and cabinet door styles simple and non-fussy.
6. Incorporate old barn wood or bead board as much as you want. That gives the texture.
7. For furnishings, mix old with new. Not everything has to match!  In fact, it is better if it does not all match.  That helps feel like it was gathered over time and collected.  Use old mirrors, old coffee tables and antique accessories throughout the house.
8. As for fabrics, use Sunbrella fabrics to make the furniture no-stress for cleaning and livability.  You don’t want to have to worry about coming in from the farm to relax and feeling like you are going to mess thing up.
9. On the heels of my last tip, natural fibers and natural products are always best.  For example, use linens, cottons, natural stones, woods and natural jute rugs.  The more natural, the more authentic feel you will achieve.
Recently, I had the pleasure of helping my clients design their newly built farmhouse. They wanted to continue with a charming farmhouse style inside.
I started with pictures like these to set the stage and get my clients inspired for the farmhouse style look:
After lots of planning and collaborating, the finished product was ready in true farmhouse style!
To create a farmhouse style kitchen, we started with using wide plank rustic floors. We added a mantle shelf above the cooktop and created an island resembling a piece of furniture. Finally,  tall v-groove paneling was used on the walls, calcutta gold marble was added for the counter tops, and subway tile was used for a simple backsplash.

To create a farmhouse style master bath, we used calcutta marble floors underneath an old claw foot tub. We arched the ceiling over the tub and put v-groove paneling on it to give an architectural accent. Finally, an antique chandelier was hung overhead to complete the look.

To create a farmhouse style family room, we used horizontal boards up all the side walls and ceilings!! There was a wall of windows to look over the farm. Natural stones created the fireplace. Finally, all sunbrella fabrics were used on the custom furniture so there was no worry about dirt coming in from the farm.
To create a farmhouse style in the guest bathroom, we used basketweave black and white marble for the flooring, v-groove paneling ran up the walls, and an old iron fireplace surround for the mirror.
Finally, to create a farmhouse style on the screened porch (having a porch is a must!), we started with a twin bed porch swing. Next, we added an antique pine coffee table. Beadboard was used on the ceiling and painted in a soft blue. Adding an assortment of chairs- mix and matching- with nothing too perfect, completed the look.
Thank you, Julie, for these beautiful photos and wonderful tips! What a great farmhouse!  For more information about Julie, see below!

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