AHHH…the Laundry.  The chore that never seems to get finished. It would be an interesting fact to know how much time was spent doing laundry in a lifetime. (Well, that might be depressing.) Yet, with as much time as we spend doing this task, it is shocking we don’t give more thought to a laundry room’s functionality or aesthetic. Typically, these rooms are tiny– tucked in a closet, hidden behind the mudroom, or worse, cast down to the dark, scary basement.  Gone are the Dark Ages–so why is this part of your house still in it?  The laundry room has been neglected long enough and it’s time for an overhaul!  Today, we’re glad Lisa Zager of Lisa Zager Interiors has agreed to educate us on her tips for creating the perfect modern laundry.

 BACKGROUND:  Lisa Zager Interiors was established in 2002, upon relocating to Nashville, Tennessee from Chicago, Illinois. In Chicago, Lisa graduated from Harrington Institute of Interior Design. She also attended painting and drawing classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. Lisa lives with her two teenage sons and an Old English Sheepdog, named Peggy.

The Modern Laundry

As I sit here to write to you today about one of my least favorite subjects, I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, I can turn my dislike of doing laundry into an okay thing. I have just recently renovated my own house ( almost complete!) and my laundry room is an okay size, Can anyone’s laundry room ever really be large enough? If you can live with a medium size laundry, then you can force yourself to not let it become the “dumping ground” of the household!

So, let’s continue to discuss ……. I believe important aspects to consider are the following:

•Size & Shape of the space

•Natural lighting available

•Shelving & Storage (endless possibilities available) – Folding Table is a must!

•Appliances (which I love!)

•Lighting fixtures

•Color (floor, walls, cabinetry, doors)

If you have a window in your laundry, then that is fabulous! Natural lighting is a perk and really a necessity for any space! My new favorite hobby in my laundry is growing my olive trees, which love bouts of dryness & humidity. In the Winter, my citrus trees love the humidity. Even a plant wall would be wonderful and your plants will love you for it! The window is also a great place to insert some pattern or color with a Roman shade or blind.

If you do not have natural lighting of some sort, use an interesting ceiling element or light fixture. A floating piece of colored resin with a recessed light above it could be dramatic! Check out the company, 3-Form, for their ceiling elements, or use an amazing chandelier or grouping of pendant fixtures. When considering the size, always go bigger…..it is a trick of the eye which adds drama, and believe it or not, your space will appear larger!

Shelving and storage ideas are endless!………preferably attached to the wall. I will show a few of my favorites but always try to keep things up and off the floor!  A folding table, counter, or stainless, rolling restaurant cart (Container Store) will help.

I like all Ikea shelving for a great price point or for a bit more interest, go to 3-Form and choose from a vast array of colorful, translucent, ready-to-go shelving options with interesting hardware applications.

You most likely will want a place to hang wet clothes that are not going in the dryer! A drying rack is essential, if you have room. Or, secure a rod attached to the laundry sink or one of its walls.

I endorse the ironing board that pulls down straight from the wall. It can be hidden so you don’t even know it’s there. Many of the ones on the market are sooo small. So, check the size of the ironing board prior to purchasing.

Now……let ‘s discuss the appliances, a favorite topic of mine. I like to look at Consumer Report first.

Maytag, who is made by Whirlpool, has the Performance Series, Maytag Maxim XL 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 models. The great feature of these is the disinfectant that comes in the machine, which is available in the 7,000 and 8,000 series only.

Maytag Maxim XL

I also recommend buying risers for your washer & dryer. I love the ones I have and love not having to bend over to pull heavy blankets and wet clothes out. Most risers have added storage benefits as well, where you can keep detergents, bleach, dryer sheets and anything else…..like these adorable dryer balls below.

Let’s touch on the idea of color.

A laundry room can be a great place to incorporate great color. Of course, not all walls have to be saturated and screaming with color……maybe paint just one wall or possibly just a backsplash by the sink or under cabinetry.

Using tile is an additional way to add color. There are so many beautiful tiles manufactured these days….I am intrigued with pattern and love a Moroccan influence!

Be sure to think about the floor when designing your laundry. Wood, vinyl composite, tile, concrete or stone can all have intriguing color and pattern. You definitely want durability!

Color and pattern can also be applied on the door to the laundry!

On my new laundry door, which is near the rear entrance of the house and an extension of the kitchen, I have chosen to use the door shown below. There will be no other color in there, just the door and a few pieces of artwork……which is everywhere and I love it!

This particular door is a frameless glass, and I like the barn door hardware. The Modernus website is interesting, offering lacquered, transparent and even etched glass doors. There are many companies out there that offer this type of application. 3 Form is one of my favorite companies, offering many options and lots of ideas. The doors below are just some of the “ready-to-go” options that they have available.

Even the accessories, like baskets, laundry detergent boxes ( if neatly arranged!) or spools of yarn that are organized like a collection would be a spot of color! I love the photo below where this Mom or Dad can have a sofa in the laundry too…….perfect!

Hopefully, someday the laundry room will become one of my favorites. Go ahead and make this room all that it can be. It should be a place for you to enjoy!!  In the meantime, back to work…..lots and lots of dirty basketball clothes for me!

Thank you Lisa! We are inspired and ready to tackle the laundry room….and the laundry.  To contact Lisa, see below:

Lisa Zager Interiors


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