For those of you with little girls, you know there will come a day when the pink bows, bloomers, ruffled socks and smocked dresses will be refused by your not-so-little-one. (sniff sniff)  As your little girl grows from toddler, to tween and finally a full-blown teenager (agh!), the opinions will be stronger and independence greater.  To us, the mommies, the ultimate sign will be when she wants to redo her bedroom. But before you envision that precious liberty of london fabric being replaced by terrible boy band posters and horrific paint shades of neon pink and purple, fear not, today’s post is just for you!  Meg White, of Meg White Interiors, shows us how she transformed one teen girl’s room from sweet to sophisticated – keeping teenager AND mom happy with the end result.

BACKGROUND:  Meg White is a Nashville based interior designer and former co- owner of Petit Chateau as well as Sevier and White Interiors. Since closing her store, Meg White has opened her own design firm Meg White Interiors.  Meg is a graduate of the University of Georgia, with a  Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design. Meg’s style is a mixture of classical yet comfortable, traditional yet fresh. She loves combining antique pieces with new unique fabrics and furnishings. The key to her design is for the home to reflect the clients personality, and to look acquired rather than straight off a showroom floor.

 Sweet to Sophisticated…(Styling a Teenage Girl’s Room)

Over the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure to work on a 15-year-old girl’s bedroom. Her room was “sweet” and beautiful to begin with, but it was time for a change.

She was ready to get rid of the small English floral wallpaper and wanted something new and fresh.



Side note **The above shots was taken after we removed a family heirloom 4 poster bed. The bed itself was beautiful and simple, but my client wanted something that she could curl up against that was plush and comfortable.

Her other wishes included:

•a new seating area under the window (something a bit more “loungy”)

•a new desk area

•different draperies

•a larger side table

•a vibrant fun and whimsical fabric combo

With that being said, I began to brainstorm! First, we had the existing wallpaper removed- which really opened up the space.  Then, we decided to paint all the walls and soffits (except the ceiling) in a custom pale, pale pink by Benjamin Moore (the closest color would be Opal B.M.)  This color was going to act as the backdrop for our more intense and vibrant color palette!

Benjamin Moore (Opal)

Next, the fabrics. My client loved the existing colors of the fabrics in her room, but wanted them to be a bit bolder. She even mentioned wanting an “Ikat” type pattern. Her mother wanted her room to reflect her daughter’s taste, but also to keep the elegant style of the rest of their existing home.

So, I came up with a fabric combo of a pink and cream contemporary damask by Quadrille. I also added a complimentary fabric, that included the new accent color of spring lime green and a bolder pink color. This accent fabric was the Ikat pattern from Carleton V that is shown below on the long lumbar pillow on the bed. This is the fabric that tied everything together! It was bolder in color, fun in pattern, but still sophisticated! 

As an added touch, I also designed a custom, off-white linen Pindler fabric headboard to replace the old bed. Its soft lines helped to break up all the straight lines in her room as well as add a comfy place for her to pile up against!


By selecting colors that were close to her original bedroom palette we were actually able to re-use her existing draperies – which was a huge bonus (especially to the clients)!  We changed them up a bit by removing the existing forest green and pink tassel trim, and added a Samuel and Sons snow colored tape trim to the leading edge. This kept the budget down, but also changed the entire look of the draperies!

We decided to go with a rectangular skirted side table for her bedside table. The table was not only elegant, but functional as well. We added two hidden shelves underneath the fabric for her to place her books and odds and ends. Also, the size of the table allowed her to place her personal photos, alarm clock, lamp, etc – without looking too cluttered.


The Quadrille pink damask fabric on the dust skirt looked great against the pale spring green of the new linen skirted side table. I loved how the Robert Allen trim on the bottom of the skirted table allowed the fabric to show through but also added such a strong detail to the overall effect!



Moving on to the “loungy” area beneath her window, we decided to go with something a bit more clean-lined and modern. We ordered this neutral settee with chrome legs from CB2.

It was super comfy and would provide room for all her friends to pile on when visiting!  The lounge area also had one more role to fill – studying! So, we added a small side table, from local store Flair Vintage Decor. It was the perfect spot for a glass of water and her laptop!


Last but not least was the “desk/ vanity” area- which also became my favorite spot!  This was an area that needed to function for studying and also storing lots of her goodies! We used the Carleton V ”Ikat” fabric for the gathered desk skirt. Again, the skirt hid plenty of storage for any of her overflow. But the piece that put a little sparkle and flair to her room- was the Kartell Louis Ghost chair.

This chair was so multi- functional, because in addition to serving as a seat to my client’s desk, it could now provide additional seating to the sofa when friends came over. Fabulous!


As this project came to a close, we felt like two things had been accomplished: the daughter was now much happier with her room. It was much more suitable to her age and also functioned better for her lifestyle and needs. In addition, her mother was happy with this new sophisticated (but not too grown-up) look and pleased that the room still blended well with the rest of the house. Happy teenager + happy mom = happy home! 

Thank you, Meg!  We love this updated look…and no boy band posters to be seen!  For more information on Meg, see below.

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