*My sister-in-law recently returned from a trip to Europe.  With an interior design background and love for art history, her recaps of the trip focused around architectural details, museums and other interior elements over Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more trendy European trademarks.  Of the many points of interest she noted, it was her discussion on the beautiful fountains that caught my attention.   There is something about these architectural gems that have always had a trance on their admirers.  What is it about water and the way it bubbles up and trickles over a fixture that mesmerizes any beholder that looks at them?

The beautiful European fountains have always been attention grabbers to beauty lovers around the world.

From Paris

Fountaine de la Concorde

Fountaine de l’Observatoire

 Fountaine de Latone (Versailles)

To Florence

The Fountain of Neptune


The Trevi Fountain

and Madrid

The Cibeles Fountain

These fountains are rich with history and magnificent in both size and detail. But in addition, these fountains tell a story and remind us of the way things were.

For those of us that cannot venture across the ocean to view these beauties, there are many others that are just as gorgeous here in the United States:

From Kansas City, MO

KC Plaza Fountain

and New York City

Washington Square Park Fountain

Bethesda Fountain (Central Park)

to Washington, D.C.

World War II Memorial Fountain

and Savannah, GA

Forsythe Park Fountain

These, too, are architectural statements, used as a means to remind us of other times: some happy and others sad – but all part of our history.

But the beauty of a fountain doesn’t always have to be so grand and massive. In fact, some of the most beautiful fountains I have seen are the ones tucked away in the corner of a garden, for only the owner to enjoy.

Be it big or small, grand or simple–there is a unique trait to fountains that is mysterious yet comforting at the same time. It is no wonder that  even with the technological advances in our world, these structures have been and will continue to be — timeless.


*As told by Interior Canvas’ Anna-Kristin Yarbrough. 

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