(As told by Interior Canvas’ Anna-Kristin Yarbrough)

Last week, my family and I made the 7 hour trek down I-65 from Nashville, TN to Rosemary Beach, Florida. Rosemary has always been a favorite place for us to escape to and this year was no different.  I had originally planned to venture through several of the picturesque shops in the area and report them all back to you. But as the days progressed, I realized my story was going to take a different approach. 

You see, the neat thing about Rosemary Beach is that no two houses are alike. Even though they all beautifully blend together, resembling something of a European village, you will notice that each home has its own personality and style, primarily in its focal point: The Doorway.  Many of these homes are hidden behind their doorways, with only a balcony or courtyard to be seen from the street. So it makes sense that so much thought and attention are given to these entryways, as it may be the only part of the house you’ll ever see.

As soon as I started to notice these many unique doorways, I knew this would be the subject of my post today.

Some doorways stayed with a more traditional look, while showcasing the beautiful wood they were crafted from.

Others used shutters as an accent for added warmth and color.


Some gave you a glimpse of the interior courtyard that hid behind them.

Others looked to be more like a gate than a door.


Some were very elaborate in their presentation.


And others remained purposefully simple.

But whatever style these doorways represented, they were all beautiful.

I’ll be looking forward to my next visit to Rosemary…I can’t wait to see what other doorways I discover.  Happy Summer!

(All photos courtesy of Interior Canvas)

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