Very few interior accessories can be as varied in style and versatile in placement as the mirror.  Be it in the closet or the dining room, the entry hall or the master bedroom–the mirror can be used virtually anywhere, while blending or accenting a space beautifully. We asked Louise Kitchell of Kitchell & Brown Interiors to educate us more about this fascinating item and the many ways it can enhance the spaces in your home.

BACKGROUND: Louise Kitchell is a graduate of the O’More College of Design. Having 36 years in the business, Louise’s concentration is in residential interiors, kitchens, baths, remodeling and new construction. Louise believes your home should reflect your personality. She helps guide and educate her clients, while letting them have fun with the design process so they will truly love the rooms that they help create.


Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?

If a mirror hangs in your home it will reflect the beauty and personality of you!

A mirror is a must in every home interior and is a wonderful decorating tool.

A mirror can enhance the natural light in a room by reflecting the light coming in from a window or door.

A mirror can reflect candlelight at night to give the room a soft glow. This is especially effective in a dining area. The diners and the food all look good!

The placement of a large mirror can make a space appear larger than it really is.

Placed on a wall at the end of a hall or on a wall opposite a window has a huge impact on opening up the room. I have mirrored a tiny powder room with wall to wall mirrors and the optical illusion creates space beyond space.

As a designer I love using old and antique mirrors. Sometimes the glass has lost some of the silvering and this adds to the depth and warmth of the mirror. There is even now a technique to make new glass look old. In a modern decorated room an antique mirror adds interest.

Some of the newer mirrors on the market are made of unique and surprising elements and add a touch of whimsy to any space. I love to place large mirrors on the floor instead of hanging.

Starburst mirrors have been around for a long time, and I love to use them in all sizes and finishes.

Mirrored sconces reflect and spread the light. Mirrored furniture is very now, but brings back the glamour of old Hollywood .

Mirrors are  a part of our everyday routine, and can be underappreciated for their functionality and aesthetic value. No home should be without a mirror!

We don’t have to be Narcissus to enjoy the delight and sparkle a mirror brings to our everyday lives.

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