The bar area of the home started long before ice makers and wine fridges. Be it liquor or lemonade, there has always been a place that any homeowner has used to serve drinks for their guests.  From the most ornate stocked cabinetry to a simple carafe on a table, the timeless tradition of having a visual signal to company of where to be served has never changed.  Creating that special site can be a challenge to some of us, and admit it–we could all update something in our bar area!  So without further aideu, we turn this post over to Rachel Halvorson of Rachel Halvorson Designs to share her talent and humor on the subject.

BACKGROUND: Rachel is a native of Birmingham, Alabama and earned a BA in Interior Design from University of Georgia’s Lamar Dodd School of Art. She started Rachel Halvorson Designs  in early 2009 and quickly had her hands filled with local projects.  From traditional to modern, she welcomes the challenge of fusing both to create a distinctive space that reflects the client’s personality and her fresh design perspective. Rachel’s attention to detail and hands-on approach have won her a loyal clientele. Her popular design blog, Nest Egg, offers a glimpse of her everyday life as a designer and shares inspiration for creating beautiful spaces.


Raising the Bar

Thank you Interior Canvas!

Let’s pretend you’re entertaining at your home.

The guests show up and linger by the front door making small talk.

But let’s be honest- they are only buying time until someone shows them the way to THE BAR.

Don’t have one?


Here are my Top 10 Tips to create your own wet bar at home:

1. Determine a location that makes sense and use what you have! The great thing about a bar is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create one. If you don’t have a built in wet bar area that’s okay! I love bars that are set up on pieces of furniture: chests, sideboards, etc.

2. The simplest ingredient for a good looking bar is a tray.

West Elm’s Raffia Trays


Arterior’s Charles Brass Mirror Tray

3. Or if you have room, consider getting a bar cart. These are great if you don’t have a place in your home to custom build a wet bar. They can be moved from room to room depending on the occasion. Move the bar to the kitchen or dining room for a dinner party, the living room for a simple get-together with friends, or out on the patio in the summer time.

Beresford Bar Cart from Anthropologie

4. Whether you are arranging on a tray or a bar cart, group similar things together. Keep the bottles in one cluster, the glasses in another… you get the idea. Makes it look less cluttered.

5. EDIT. You do not have to display everything you have. In fact, DON’T. Keep the handle of Jack Daniels in the cabinet- you can always bring it out when you’re entertaining or better yet- pour it in a decanter.


Minima Decanters from Unica Home

6. Keep fresh flowers in the mix. A small, low arrangement or even a simple bud vase.

7. Add some pretty glasses.

Since they are on display, go for ones that are a little more unique and add some flair to the setting.

(Fleur-De-Lys Tumbler- Anthropologie)

*But only leave a few out- just enough for pouring a quick drink. If you’re entertaining you can always bring out more but you don’t want to look like you’re hosting a big wedding reception. Unless you are and in that case… hire help and ignore everything I’ve said:)

8. Add Necessary Accessories: *key word being necessary. Things that you will use and that add character…

Anthropologie cork screw

Wisteria cocktail napkins

Ice bucket from Calypso Home


(White Wash Chalkboard- Williams- Sonoma) for drink recipes

 9. Stock the Bar! Go for the pretty bottles and keep the beer cans and plastic cups in the cooler.

10. By all means, have a drink.




Rachel Halvorson


 (Photos: Domino Magazine; Lonny;; West Elm; ; Anthropologie; Lonny; Pottery Barn; Unica Home; Domino; Anthropologie; Anthroplogie; Wisteria; Calypso Home; Williams-Sonoma;; Rachel’s Picture by Rachel Halvorson Designs)

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